Privacy guideline is intended to help Employees & clients of Juris Axis to comply and abide by guidelines set forth by the Juris Axis. These guidelines set best practices and procedures on handling/managing the confidential/sensitive information of clients

The guidelines are aimed towards:

  • Increasing data security
  • Avoiding illicit use of any confidential data for personal (purposes).
  • Employees and Fee Earners at all level including clients of Juris Axis
  • Covers any sensitive/confidential information received/obtained by any Employee or Fee Earner as part of service at Juris Axis

*Employees include (Legal/Non-Legal)

Juris Axis Guideline prohibits sharing of any confidential information to an outsider, unless it is legally permissible and is appropriately authorized by Juris Axis personnel.

Following actions are not permitted under the Privacy Guidelines:

  • Sharing/forwarding of any confidential/sensitive information to Non-Juris Axis email id (except to the client)
  • Inappropriate handling of any confidential data
  • Disclosing the confidential data outside Juris Axis procedure
  • Using confidential information/ Juris Axis information for personal use/agenda.
  • Management reserves the right to make necessary changes to the monitoring procedure of any information available in any form.
  • Non-Compliances to these guidelines may lead to disciplinary action towards the concerned person.