Our Technology, Media &Telecommunications (TMT) practice has significant experience and in-depth expertise in the sector, both from a regulatory and transactional standpoint. Our TMT lawyers have been part of many transactions involving media houses, telecom operators and technology companies (both, start-ups and well established).

As a part of our TMT practice, we routinely advise clients in relation to regulatory, policy and compliance issues, and on information technology (IT), outsourcing, data privacy and protection, and contractual and interconnection agreements.

Having specialist lawyers allows us to provide industry-specific and tailored advice to our clients including strategic and commercial advice and advising on private equity or M&A transactions which require specialist technology inputs.

Our media experience ranges from broadcasting and endorsement contracts to television show licensing arrangements and joint venture arrangement between media companies.


The Indian telecom network is the third largest in the world. We have significant expertise in IT and telecom laws and regulations. We deal in laws relating to telecommunication sector including Telecom Laws and Policies, Cyber Laws, Intellectual Property Rights, Dispute Settlements between operators and between service provider and a group of Consumers, Arbitration, Consumer Laws etc.

We represent clients before the Department of Telecommunications (DOT), the STPI, and the TRAI. We draft interconnect agreements, software supply agreements, conditional access systems agreements, software licencing agreements, service provider agreements, contracts for acquisition and supply of telecommunications equipments, and national and international long distance contracts. We also draft contracts for building networks for telecom companies.

We advise clients on the licenses and legal and regulatory issues relating to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). We also advise our clients on tax implications.


Media and broadcasting is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. We are one of the leading law firms in India rendering legal services in various aspects of media and broadcasting sectors. We, at Juris Axis, have in-depth knowledge in all areas of broadcasting and media regulation. We advise our clients on issues ranging from pay-per-view contracts to digital copyright matters to the convergence of media and network technologies. We advise our clients on foreign investment in media sector and offer advice on media laws in India with regard to government regulations and policies relating to broadcasting. Our law firm has an extensive experience in dealing issues related to the media and broadcasting sectors.. We handle claims for copyright infringement, intellectual property disputes, contract disputes and unfair competition claims. Our lawyers have extensive experience in a variety of matters crucial to the industry, including trademarks, patents, copyrights, transfer and acquisition of intellectual property, including high technology, trade secrets, licencing, employment matters, false advertising and rights of publicity. We provide general corporate advice including structuring and formation of new companies in the media sector and advice on tax matters.


The firm has expertise in complete range of matters related to Information Technology sector, including technology and strategic consulting services.

We deal in software protection & licencing, data protection, domain names dispute resolution, technology transfer and technical assistance agreements, credit card frauds etc.

We advise our clients on cyber laws, Indian Information Technology laws, data protection, IP protection, e-commerce, etc. We advise our clients on, protection against data theft and the best possible method, to resolve it.

Our lawyers are well versed with the cyber laws, information technology laws, and data protection laws in India. We deal in software licencing, development and support and website development agreements.

We assist our clients in drafting agreements such as shrink wrap agreements, click wrap agreements software licence and maintenance agreements, hardware maintenance and system supply agreements, access and beta test agreements, service provide agreements, interconnect agreements, broadcasting, satellite and digital terrestrial agreements, Conditional Access Systems (CAS) agreements, server co-location space agreements and other related commercial agreements. We also assist the IT companies in protecting their intellectual property and information technology-related compliance and taxation issues. We represent our clients in the tribunals, High Courts and the Supreme Court in matters of infringement of intellectual property rights and disputes relating to contracts and domain names.

We also deal in cyber law and handle cases like internet fraud, hacking, privacy and security related issues etc.