Our Competition / Antitrust Law practice is recognized for its expertise and knowledge in this sphere. Our team spends a considerable amount of time and effort in getting to know the client’s industry in order to appreciate and understand sector specific issues and the clients’ interests.

In India, companies have to comply with competition laws, both in relation to transactions and commercial behavior. Before the Competition Act 2002 came into effect the MRTP Act, 1969 was the governing legislation in respect of the competition policy in India.

Our team provides consultancy services on specific issues such as supply and distribution, pricing, marketing, mergers, acquisitions, amalgamation, licensing, research, etc. We conduct due diligence for developing appropriate guidelines for employees, distributors, agents, franchisees, etc. We specialize in drafting claims, counter-claims, replies, rejoinders, representations, etc. pertaining to competition law in India.

We represent clients before the Competition Commission.

We also conduct due diligence with respect to mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures with appropriate anti-trust safeguard measures and policies.

Juris Axis practice is built around highly qualified lawyers who are accustomed to working across borders and are fully aware of both the local and international dimensions of antitrust and competition issues, no matter what the business model or industry. Juris Axis antitrust lawyers provide forward-looking, business-centric advice and counsel on the full scope of antitrust and competition law issues, including:

  • Merger Clearance
  • Competition-Related Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Antitrust
  • Compliance Counseling & Training Programs